Insiteful Solutions was established in 2011 with the obligation of providing flexible and adaptable outsourced and in-house HR Project Management and business advisory consultancy services uniquely tailored for both startups and established firms looking to set up any form of establishment within Nigeria’s unique business environment. We offer flexible and innovative services to address key recruitment issues, workforce planning, human resource systems setup, performance management and process reassessments through the provision of HR transformational consultancy services.

Over the years, Insiteful Solutions has equipped a variety of firms with the right workers and trained thousands of participants on a variety of job functions. We have also worked with several organizations to help them achieve their human resource development goals and this is why we are confident in our ability to provide both in-house and outsourced human capital management services.

“…To be the leading business solutions provider in Nigeria…”

“To offer flexible and cost effective solutions to address key compliance issues, control costs, and streamline business processes for overall increased performance output”.


  • Proactivity + Creativity = Innovative Value

  • Excellent customer service

  • Professionalism

  • Impeccable service delivery.

  • Real time and on time business advisory services.

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