Nkoyo is the founder of Insiteful Solutions & Talented Space and is a seasoned Human Resource Business Partner, MSME specialist and Creative Content Developer who specializes in the provision of real time career and business solutions. She possesses specialized skills in the areas of Technical Recruitment; Human Capital Development; Human Resources focused Project Management; Business Systems Setup; Human Resource Systems Change Management and Human Resource Generalist Support Services.

Over the last fourteen years she has worked with a number of start-ups & established firms as both a consultant and in house employee in order to help them deploy their much needed strategic interventions including: drafting and deploying of talent acquisition plans; gathering of required business and human capital metrics; creation and management of human resource management & development operational systems and driving of interactive employee engagement focused on breaking work silos.

Nkoyo is also a trainer and facilitator and within the last few years she has facilitated several courses on a broad range of topics including: HR Business Partnering; Change Management during a Recession; Best Practice Business Etiquette & Communication; Understanding the Generations at Work; Building a Winning Team; Aligning Your Talent Strategy with Your Business Needs and Organizational Culture.

As part of Nkoyo’s philanthropic endeavours, she has provided offline/online business mentoring and training services to hundreds of students, graduates, and unemployed youth in both Ghana and Nigeria. Further to this, other projects she has worked on within the five years have included (but not been limited to)

• HR systems setup services for start-ups in Abuja and Lagos
• Business Systems set up for several small to medium sized firms
• Jobs auditing, competency mapping and job description creation for several companies working within emerging markets
• Outsourced HR Project Management for several indigenous technology solutions providers
• HR systems set up and manpower audit for a multimedia solutions provider
• Content Development and Hosting of TV shows focused on job creation & business and career counselling




Louisa Ogwuru has a BSc. in Industrial chemistry from Madonna University. She is presently pursuing certifications in Project management, Mediation and Reconciliation and Human resource management.
She is an experienced Administration and Operations manager with over 6 years of experience in those fields as well as over two years’ worth of experience in Corporate Communications which led her to co found the bespoke Human Resource and Business consultancy known as Insiteful Solutions Limited.
She is also an experienced wellness professional who specializes in curating event menus, creating wholly organic bath products and supporting people in their quest to adopt healthier lifestyle choices through weight loss and weight management services which led to the birth of Alafret Unison Services.
Her core competencies include but are not limited to Business operations system set up, Administrative process set up & management, Corporate events management and Training design and events set up.
As part of Louisa’s philanthropic endeavours, she has provided offline/online vision mapping and goal setting services to women as she is a staunch promoter and supporter of female focused empowerment drives and hopes to impact hundreds of women’s lives through vision mapping and goal setting in the coming years so that more women can achieve their set goals. Further to this, other projects she has worked on within the last three years have included (but not been limited to)
Business Systems set up for several small to medium sized firms
Jobs auditing, competency mapping and job description creation
Provision of outsourced business advisory services
Content Development & document auditing services as well as business and career counselling

Louisa currently coordinates all client related services, social media campaigns, business operations & systems setup and capacity development recommendations and training/seminars and career chat exercises.
Email –
Phone Numbers – 09050913593 & 07064342540
Twitter Handles – @mrsalafret & @alafretunisonservicesng
Instagram – @alafretng & @alafretunisonservicesng



She is a vibrant young lady, passionate about impact and production. She is a multi-skilled Entrepreneur who makes bags, beads, also creative shirt designing.
She volunteers with several impact oriented Non-governmental Organizations such as YEDI Abuja, a NGO focused on teenage and youth development and with Thelma Foundation, a NGO focused on community reach outs.
She is also part of the WTI team which facilities entrepreneurship and capacity building to students.
She is an undergraduate in the Economics department at the University of Abuja and also a positive impact influencer on her campus.
She aims to be a human capacity mentor and a great positive impact influencer in a short term which is what led her to join the Insiteful Solutions Limited team while her long term goal is to be an investment broker and a philanthropist.
Bisola currently aids all social media campaigns as well as interviews, trainings/seminars and career chat series set up.
Email –
Instagram @iambsorlah
Twitter @Bsorlah Asala
Facebook @ Bsorlah Asala
Phone number- 08059151090